The end of the year is nearing, and when it comes to hairstyles, that means recapping of the best and the worst that has happened to celebrities in the past year. There have been a number of re-emerging hairstyles, a few classics that seem to be staying put, and a few crazy hairstyles that even the most fashionable celebrities weren’t able to pull off. So for everyone’s reading pleasure, and also to serve as a reminder about what hairstyles to do and not do next year, here are the best and worst celebrity hairstyles of 2010.

Best Celebrity Bangs

best celebrity bangs 2010

Nicole Richie – a lot of people have been so used to seeing Nicole Richie in a bad shape that it’s almost a surprise how good she looks nowadays, and how perfect those bangs are for her. Now that she’s put on a little weight that finally makes her look normal, plus bangs that neither show her abnormally high forehead nor cover half of her face, her do’s a big improvement.

Worst Celebrity Bangs

worst celebrity bangs

Mena Suvari’s bangs is everything Nicole Richie’s is not. Enough said.

Best Celebrity Hair Color

best celebrity hair color

With the rise of attention given to one of Mad Men’s vixens that is Christina Hendricks comes the rise of attention to her hair as well. And considering it’s not her natural hair color, she looks as if she’s the only one who could perfectly pull off that bright red/orange shade.

Worst Celebrity Hair Color

worst celebrity hair color

We can’t decide what’s worse, Rihanna’s hair color or hairstyle. But the combination of the two definitely didn’t do her good. She looks almost like a bird of some sort.

Best Celebrity Curls

best celebrity curls

Debra Messing – she has had the best curls in the last decade, since the pilot episode of Will and Grace to its finale. She makes having curls effortless, and her hair bounces with vibrance.

Worst Celebrity Curls

worst celebrity curls

Jennifer Love Hewitt – the gorgeous brunette who usually looks stunning made a grave mistake of parting her hair in the middle and emphasizing her high forehead, and getting curls which emphasized her long face. Note: both emphasis are not flattering.

Watch out for more best and worst celebrity hairstyles next year, and hopefully the worst in this list won’t come up again.

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