A lot of women use either chemicals or heat-powered tools like the Fhi curling iron to style their hair. While these will definitely make your hair more tame and manageable for a specific period of time, you will have to live with the extent of damage later on once the effect of the chemicals or the curling iron is gone. So what will be left of your hair by then? Usually dry and brittle hair, that’s what. And while other women have no problem getting a haircut to eliminate the split ends and the damaged part of their hair, there are women who have a harder time letting go of their long mane.

But you don’t have to endure living with damaged hair either just because you don’t want shorter hair. With Kerastase hair products, you have several choices to solve your hair problem. And this time, let the Kerastase Resistance Bain Age Recharge do the trick. Watch the tutorial video below to see how you can bring back life to dry and weakened hair due to too much heat styling and chemicals.