Don’t you hate it when you see other people who have fabulous and bouncy curls and you just wonder how they can manage to have it and you can’t? All of us want to have the perfect hair, whether straight or curly. The problem is that when we straighten or curl our hair using chemicals, or even use flat irons for hair, there’s a tendency that it will look limp, especially during the first few weeks. But this isn’t even the worst part of having a bad hair day. The worst part is seeing other people who have the same hairstyle as you do but theirs have more bounce and life. Are you wondering how they can achieve it and you can’t?

With the Kerastase Oleo-Curl, you don’t have to wonder about that anymore. The how-to video below will give you an idea on how you can transform your lifeless curls into bouncy curls that look amazing. Use the product on a regular basis and you’ll have nothing short of perfect hair every day.

Not only will the Kerastase Oleo-Curl help you style your hair easier, but it will improve the texture of your hair on a longer-term basis. Just watch the video for the full tutorial on how to transform your curls from lifeless to lively! If you want, you can read about more Kerastase hair products here.