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Best and Worst Celebrity Hairstyles of 2010

The end of the year is nearing, and when it comes to hairstyles, that means recapping of the best and the worst that has happened to celebrities in the past year. There have been a number of re-emerging hairstyles, a few classics that seem to be staying put, and a few crazy hairstyles that even the most fashionable celebrities weren’t able to pull off. So for everyone’s reading pleasure, and also to serve as a reminder about what hairstyles to do and not do next year, here are the best and worst celebrity hairstyles of 2010.

Best Celebrity Bangs

best celebrity bangs 2010

Nicole Richie – a lot of people have been so used to seeing Nicole Richie in a bad shape that it’s almost a surprise how good she looks nowadays, and how perfect those bangs are for her. Now that she’s put on a little weight that finally makes her look normal, plus bangs that neither show her abnormally high forehead nor cover half of her face, her do’s a big improvement.

Worst Celebrity Bangs

worst celebrity bangs

Mena Suvari’s bangs is everything Nicole Richie’s is not. Enough said.

Best Celebrity Hair Color

best celebrity hair color

With the rise of attention given to one of Mad Men’s vixens that is Christina Hendricks comes the rise of attention to her hair as well. And considering it’s not her natural hair color, she looks as if she’s the only one who could perfectly pull off that bright red/orange shade.

Worst Celebrity Hair Color

worst celebrity hair color

We can’t decide what’s worse, Rihanna’s hair color or hairstyle. But the combination of the two definitely didn’t do her good. She looks almost like a bird of some sort.

Best Celebrity Curls

best celebrity curls

Debra Messing – she has had the best curls in the last decade, since the pilot episode of Will and Grace to its finale. She makes having curls effortless, and her hair bounces with vibrance.

Worst Celebrity Curls

worst celebrity curls

Jennifer Love Hewitt – the gorgeous brunette who usually looks stunning made a grave mistake of parting her hair in the middle and emphasizing her high forehead, and getting curls which emphasized her long face. Note: both emphasis are not flattering.

Watch out for more best and worst celebrity hairstyles next year, and hopefully the worst in this list won’t come up again.

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How to Solve Scalp Problems Using Kerastase Hair Products

Scalp problems shouldn’t be taken lightly. In truth, there are far more serious underlying conditions to these problems. Scalp problems like dandruff are often just the symptoms. So the next time your scalp itches and you see that there are dandruff flakes on your shoulders, do something about it.

Hair loss and breakage are two of the most common scalp problems. For some, the problem is just moderate, but there are severe cases when an individual loses more than a hundred strands of hair. Naturally, people’s hair thin through the years, but there are some people who are affected by this earlier in their life.

A good way to help delay or lessen the effects of hair loss and breakage is by using certain hair products. For instance, there are Kerastase hair products that help with different scalp problems. The Kerastase Age Premium line of products are especially formulated for mature hair and scalp. The Kerastase Bain Substantif and the Masque Substantif work hand in hand in providing the minerals lost because of aging.

kerastase hair products

kerastase hair products

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Kerastase Age Recharge – Learn About the Characteristics of Mature Hair

A lot of us don’t realize but when we grow old, everything about is grows old with us—including our hair. Unfortunately, due to too much styling and chemicals that we let our hair endure, there’s the risk that our beautiful mane might become more mature faster than us. And in that case, you will need the help of Kerastase Age Recharge which is effective in reversing the signs of aging hair.

But the questions is, how do you know if you already need to resort to one of the famed Kerastase hair products? Watch the video below by Kerastase to find out how you can recognize the characteristics of mature hair and read warning signs earlier. You would be surprised at some of the factors that cause hair maturity faster.

Plus Size Suits – Be Sleek and Perfect as Your Hair

Discover How You Can Have a Perfect Plus Size Suit and the Perfect Hairstyle With It!

For most of us, the job interview is one of the most crucial appointments that we have to attend to. As a matter of fact, a lot of people compare a job interview to a date. In both times, you dress to impress, you are conscious about every little detail about you—your outfit, your hair, your shoes, and you are hoping to give a good impression by the end of the “meeting”. And of course, the process is its own reward. If you’ve felt confident all the way through, then there’s a big chance that everything will turn out inf your favor. But the question for most people is where exactly do you get that confidence to start with? Here are some tips that you can do so you can find the perfect plus size suit and have the perfect hair for it.

When it comes to plus size suits, there are a lot of sources already that you can browse online. Gone are the days when you still have to scout for days just to find a good source for plus size clothing. But now, you won’t even have to stand up from your seat. All you need is an internet connection and a few minutes, and you’ll definitely land on some pretty good deals.

Here’s actually a good resource of information about plus size suits so you can find the style that would be perfect for you. You can also browse the site if you want to read more about trendy plus size clothing in general.

But what about your hair? If you are having problems, you don’t have to let it get in the way of your job interview and of you wanting to look great for it. With Kerastase hair products, there is always a perfect solution for the kind of hair problem that you have. You can browse this great site about the different products Kerastase has so you can find what you’re looking for exactly.

For instance, the Kerastase Age Recharge is perfect for people whose hair is damaged that they think is beyond repair. If your hair is already aging worse than you are, there’s actually something you can do to reverse the signs of aging and make your hair youthful and make it your crowning glory again. So check out these helpful links and make your job interview a success!

plus size suits

plus size suits

Kerastase Age Premium Shampoo Review

The Kerastase Age Premium Shampoo is included in the line of Kerastase hair products that are made specifically to protect the hair from the aging process. People age, and the signs for these are not only visible in the skin and bones, but also hair. As we grow older, the strands of our hair become thinner and more prone to damage and falling. The Kerastase Age Premium shampoo has special ingredients to address problems particular to the aging of hair.

The Kerastase Age Premium shampoo is best used with the Kerastase Age Premium conditioner. With continued use, this duo will make your hair alive again with bounce and shine. You will also have a set of fuller hair in no time because of less hairfall and damage.

If you’d like to read more about specific Kerastase hair products, feel free to browse these sources to know more about what type of product your hair needs. Kerastase has different amazing products, from shampoos to conditioners to serums to help you with the hair problem that you have.

If you love the Kerastase Age Premium shampoo, then you’ll also love reading about these other Kerastase hair products:

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Kerastase Age Recharge

kerastase age premium shampoo

Kerastase Age Recharge Review – Care for Damaged Brittle Hair

If you’re suffering from brittle hair, there are a few things you can do to reverse the damage it had done and will still do in the future. There are a lot of natural ways to help you save your hair from brittleness like putting a mixture of mayo and mustard and leaving it for a few minutes then rinsing it clean. It’s an easy step and your hair will immediately show a big difference. However, for the worse cases, a mustard and mayo mix just won’t be enough. But don’t worry because your case isn’t hopeless yet. There’s still the Kerastase Age Recharge serum you can try to take care of your damaged, brittle hair.

kerastase age recharge

It’s basically a firming masque which will, with continued use, make your hair smoother and stronger. Granted, it’s a bit expensive compared to other products in the market today, but with its effects, it will be worth what you pay. I’ve tried this product before, and felt the different after only one application. Not only was my hair softer, it smelled really nice too, and the smell lasted for the whole day. After a few months of using the Kerastase Age Recharge, I felt that my hair really got softer on the whole, and it had more bounce to it. Admittedly, I had to discontinue because I had worse hair problem than brittleness, and its price was a little bit out of my range.

However, if you want a truly effective way to bring like back to your brittle hair, I would recommend the Kerastase Age Recharge. It has a rich formula and a wonderful scent that you’re going to love. If you want to read more about testimonials from women who have tried this and other Kerastase hair products, feel free to browse the site before making up your mind if this is for you.