It’s probably because of her role in Friends, or maybe it’s simply because she does have great hair, but there is no denying that Jennifer Aniston’s hair has become an iconic hairstyle throughout the years. As a matter of fact, it has been immortalized into being called The Rachel—named after her equally iconic role in the hit TV series Friends.

One reasons why The Rachel hasn’t gone ot of style is because Jennifer Anniston’s hair style is a classic, and she doesn’t really experiment much with her hair—which worked perfectly for her.

Either she wears her hair long or short, Jennifer Aniston always has that shiny highlighted blond hair. She may also has some occasional curls for red carpet events, and at some point also sported side bangs, but she basically has her hair kept long, straight, and never tucked behind her ears.

If you want to achieve Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyle, there are only a few things that you have to remember, especially if you want to keep it long. First is to make sure that you get a really good shampoo to nourish your hair. Second is to get a conditioner that would make you hair shiny and flowing. Third, remember that when you choose for hair products, consider your own hair’s needs and not depend on what’s popular in the market today.

So long as you could keep your hair healthy and kempt, you could easily achieve Jennifer Aniston’s hair. And to help you start with that, you could browse from different Kerastase hair products to find the best product for your hair.

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