Are you trying to find a way to style your hair without spending money? There are a lot of things you can do to make your hair look fabulous and you don’t even have to spend a single cent for it. And one of the nicest ways to do it is French braid! Nothing else says fun and elegant at the same time, and it’s easy to do too. Here’s how to French braid your hair easily.

1.Take a bunch of your hair at the top section of your head. Divide these into three sections, and do a basic braid until you reach the middle part of your hair.

2.Take a small section from the remaining hair and add it to each of the three divisions you already have. Now that you have a thicker section to work with, continue down with the basic braid until you reach the base of your hair.

3.Repeat step number two and use the rest of your hair until there isn’t any more left to braid.

After the three steps, you now have a beautiful French braid! If you want for it to have a better hold, you can use Kerastase Double Force Hairspray.

how to french braid hair easily

how to french braid hair easily