Barn Wedding Hairstyles – How Kerastase Hair Products Can Give You the Perfect Wedding Updo

A lot of couples prefer a barn wedding because there is so much you can do to make the place magical. It’s a challenge to make a bard a perfect place for a wedding ceremony and reception, but the outcomes are always marvelous, and it’s a cheaper location compared to others so many people still opt for a barn wedding reception.

Nonetheless, even if you economize on the location of your wedding ceremony and reception, it doesn’t mean that you should save on everything else too. Especially when it comes to your wedding attire and overall look, you can’t look short of breathtaking on your special day. But to achieve the look you want doesn’t require you to splurge either. With the Kerastase hair products, your hair can look like a million dollars without you actually spending it.

The Kerastase Core Nutrive is the perfect product for you to use to prepare your hair for the most special day of your life. The set already includes shampoo, conditioner, and treatment. Use these at least a couple of months before your big day so you can see the difference by the time you are ready to walk down the aisle.

Surprise everyone with your soft, dazzling, and shiny hair at the day of your wedding so that not only will your groom fall in love with your, but also every else will with your hair. You can learn more about Kerastase hair products from the links on this page.

Also, if you want to get more ideas about barn wedding receptions and wedding ideas, you can also check out the links to help you plan your perfect wedding.

barn wedding hairstyle

barn wedding hairstyles

barn wedding hairstyles


Best Hairstyles for Oval Face

If you’re opting for a new hairstyle, you should first determine what kind of hairstyle you have. You can’t just copy a celebrity hairstyle because you might have different face shape and what looks good on her won’t necessarily look good on you. However, if you have an oval face, you will be happy to know that yours is the best shape because of the choices that you can style hair. Here are just some of the best hairstyles for oval face. Enjoy!

hairstyles for oval face hairstyles for oval face

Angular bob – this hairstyle is one of the most popular today. The good thing about having an oval face is that you can experiment as much as you want with the length and the style of your hair and it would still look good on you.

hairstyles for oval face hairstyles for oval face

Long waves with side-swept bangs – not all people can pull off side-swept bangs. It’s especially not recommended for people who have a square face because it would emphasize the squareness of the face. However it’s one of the best hairstyles for oval face because it adds so much character to your hair already. If you want to somehow upgrade your current hairstyle without changing it too much, consider adding luscious layers of side-swept bangs.

Hairtyles for oval face that you should avoid—short layers. This type of hairstyle will make your face appear longer. If you have curly hair, getting a short haircut is also not a good idea because it give the emphasis on all the wrong angles of your face.

If you need help in styling your hair, there are hair products that can help you with that. You can try either these Kerastase hair products so you can style your hair much easier, or you can seek the help of these heat styling products such as the Solia flat iron. If you’d like to read more about these products, you can check out the links to learn more about them.

How to Fix Frizzy Hair with Kerastase Hair Products

Watch the video below to learn ways on how to fix frizzy hair. If you want a more effective way to do this, use Kerastase hair products to get better results. If you want to know how you can style short hair, here are ways on how to do it as well.

How to French Braid Hair Easily in 3 Steps

Are you trying to find a way to style your hair without spending money? There are a lot of things you can do to make your hair look fabulous and you don’t even have to spend a single cent for it. And one of the nicest ways to do it is French braid! Nothing else says fun and elegant at the same time, and it’s easy to do too. Here’s how to French braid your hair easily.

1.Take a bunch of your hair at the top section of your head. Divide these into three sections, and do a basic braid until you reach the middle part of your hair.

2.Take a small section from the remaining hair and add it to each of the three divisions you already have. Now that you have a thicker section to work with, continue down with the basic braid until you reach the base of your hair.

3.Repeat step number two and use the rest of your hair until there isn’t any more left to braid.

After the three steps, you now have a beautiful French braid! If you want for it to have a better hold, you can use Kerastase Double Force Hairspray.

how to french braid hair easily

how to french braid hair easily

How to Style Short Hair With Chi Hair Products

Gone are the days when women would be considered feminine and beautiful only because of their long hair. These days, the best of them pixie crops and short bobs but still stay as feminine as they could be. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t style your hair anymore if you have a short hair. With the right hair products, you can still do a lot of things to style your hair and keep reinventing your look. Here’s some of the best ways on how to style short hair.

1.Create fantastic curls – Short hair with luscious curls are reminiscent of the iconic 40s hairstyle, which has proven to be immortal. If you have limp hair, you can create beautiful curls using the Chi curling iron. This will not only make your short hair fabulous, but also protect it from damage since it’s made of ceramic instead of metal.

2.Blowdry your hair to perfection – if you have short, thick hair, you don’t have to go out every day looking like you have an afro when you don’t. Try the Chi hair dryer and get to style your hair in only a few minutes. The Chi hair dryer will add more character to your hair and make you look more breathtaking.

3.Get super straight hair – If you’re tired of curls, then you can have it the other way around. Having a short bob with super straight hair will leave you looking chic. You can have shiny and flowing hair perfect for a short bob and be ready for anything during the day if you use the Chi straightening iron to achieve it.

Contrary to popular belief, you can style your short hair so many ways than you imagined. Just take a look at these celebrity hairstyles as examples. Remember, once you know these little secrets on how to style short hair, you can keep discovering a new look and always be your fabulous self! Just don’t forget to get these Chi hair products to achieve the perfect look for you.

how to style short hair

how to style short hair

how to style short hair

Kerastase Age Recharge – Learn About the Characteristics of Mature Hair

A lot of us don’t realize but when we grow old, everything about is grows old with us—including our hair. Unfortunately, due to too much styling and chemicals that we let our hair endure, there’s the risk that our beautiful mane might become more mature faster than us. And in that case, you will need the help of Kerastase Age Recharge which is effective in reversing the signs of aging hair.

But the questions is, how do you know if you already need to resort to one of the famed Kerastase hair products? Watch the video below by Kerastase to find out how you can recognize the characteristics of mature hair and read warning signs earlier. You would be surprised at some of the factors that cause hair maturity faster.

Kerastase Resistance Bain Age Recharge – Bring Back Your Dry, Weakened Hair to Life!

A lot of women use either chemicals or heat-powered tools like the Fhi curling iron to style their hair. While these will definitely make your hair more tame and manageable for a specific period of time, you will have to live with the extent of damage later on once the effect of the chemicals or the curling iron is gone. So what will be left of your hair by then? Usually dry and brittle hair, that’s what. And while other women have no problem getting a haircut to eliminate the split ends and the damaged part of their hair, there are women who have a harder time letting go of their long mane.

But you don’t have to endure living with damaged hair either just because you don’t want shorter hair. With Kerastase hair products, you have several choices to solve your hair problem. And this time, let the Kerastase Resistance Bain Age Recharge do the trick. Watch the tutorial video below to see how you can bring back life to dry and weakened hair due to too much heat styling and chemicals.