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Best 2011 Hairstyles for Women

The new year marks a new look for a lot of people. There are many women today who are already starting to reinvent themselves for the new year, and one of the things they are changing is their hairstyle. See what the best 2011 hairstyles for women are and be one of the first few to catch up to the trend.

Long and Curly









2010 hairstyles involved a lot of short hairstyles. There were many celebrities who traded their long manes of locks for pixie cuts and short bobs. This year however, long and curly hairstyles make a comeback.

Full Bangs










Side-swept bangs have always been preferred by a lot of celebrities for the past years, but slowly more and more are noticing that full bangs are not only for 4-year olds anymore. Katy Pery, Zooey Deschanel, and Emily Blunt all have proven that you could have bangs like that of a little girl, but still look sexy.

Brighter Hair Color











A lot more celebrities today are beginning to be adventurous with their hair color as well. Musicians are sporting fiery red locks, white blond hair, and honey-colored highlights. 2011 hairstyles for women are not just about the length and style, but also about the color.

If you are planning to change your hairstyle this year, you can follow these tips so you’ll always have the best 2011 hairstyles for women.


How to Cut Bangs Yourself – An Easy Tutorial

Bangs are always in. Whether it’s sideswept, uneven fringers, or solid and straight bangs, it changes the way you look drastically. Sometimes, you could just cut your own bangs if you want to reinvent your hairstyle without totally having a haircut. This way, you could look fresh with a new look, without having to sacrifice your locks.

However, sometimes in a fit of frustration or because of merely carelessness, one zip and zap could make your hair look like a total disaster. Suddenly you realize that you have uneven bangs when you meant to cut it long and straight, or cut it too short, which looks terrible with your long flowing hair.

To avoid the horrible outcome, here is a simple tutorial on how to cut bangs. You could do this yourself, or if you’re too scared, have someone do it for you. This is also a great way to maintain your hair when your bangs get too long to count as bangs, but are still too short to go to a salon to have it styled. Enjoy the tutorial, and have a great hair day! There’s also a part 2 of the video if you want to watch more.

Achieving Jennifer Aniston’s Hair

It’s probably because of her role in Friends, or maybe it’s simply because she does have great hair, but there is no denying that Jennifer Aniston’s hair has become an iconic hairstyle throughout the years. As a matter of fact, it has been immortalized into being called The Rachel—named after her equally iconic role in the hit TV series Friends.

One reasons why The Rachel hasn’t gone ot of style is because Jennifer Anniston’s hair style is a classic, and she doesn’t really experiment much with her hair—which worked perfectly for her.

Either she wears her hair long or short, Jennifer Aniston always has that shiny highlighted blond hair. She may also has some occasional curls for red carpet events, and at some point also sported side bangs, but she basically has her hair kept long, straight, and never tucked behind her ears.

If you want to achieve Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyle, there are only a few things that you have to remember, especially if you want to keep it long. First is to make sure that you get a really good shampoo to nourish your hair. Second is to get a conditioner that would make you hair shiny and flowing. Third, remember that when you choose for hair products, consider your own hair’s needs and not depend on what’s popular in the market today.

So long as you could keep your hair healthy and kempt, you could easily achieve Jennifer Aniston’s hair. And to help you start with that, you could browse from different Kerastase hair products to find the best product for your hair.

jennifer aniston's hairstyle jennifer aniston's hairstyle jennifer aniston's hairstyle

How to Get Free Coupons for Haircuts

Been wanting to get a makeover for the longest time but haven’t really gotten into it up to now? Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend a lot to get the great hair that you want. Either get products that deliver their promise, or get free coupons for haircuts! The former is easy with Kerastase hair products, and the latter could be done with these tips.

Search online from your favorite salon’s website. Technology really is catching up with all of us, and even small business now are beginning to promote their services through websites. After all, it’s hard to imagine someone who doesn’t go online at least an hour every day to catch up on his readings, social networking sites, etc. So if you’re online a lot to start with, then use this to your advantage. Keep looking for salons who have websites. More often than not, they have either monthly promos, or set discount deals that you could get.

When it comes to the free coupons for haircuts, these can be found more for the more known salons today. You can also access them online, even on third party sites if the salon is know at least nationwide. But there are also times when local salons have their haircut coupons printed on the local Sunday paper. Either way, you get savings when you walk in the salon. And with the savings that you get, you might even be able to afford another hair treatment as extra pampering for yourself.

So you see, it doesn’t really take a lot of money to have a makeover. Sometimes all you need to have is some strategy and some time to put your use of the internet to your advantage. So if you haven’t yet, maybe it’s time that you try finding those free coupons for haircuts and get the makeover that you deserve.

free coupons for haircuts

Best Hairstyles for Oval Face

If you’re opting for a new hairstyle, you should first determine what kind of hairstyle you have. You can’t just copy a celebrity hairstyle because you might have different face shape and what looks good on her won’t necessarily look good on you. However, if you have an oval face, you will be happy to know that yours is the best shape because of the choices that you can style hair. Here are just some of the best hairstyles for oval face. Enjoy!

hairstyles for oval face hairstyles for oval face

Angular bob – this hairstyle is one of the most popular today. The good thing about having an oval face is that you can experiment as much as you want with the length and the style of your hair and it would still look good on you.

hairstyles for oval face hairstyles for oval face

Long waves with side-swept bangs – not all people can pull off side-swept bangs. It’s especially not recommended for people who have a square face because it would emphasize the squareness of the face. However it’s one of the best hairstyles for oval face because it adds so much character to your hair already. If you want to somehow upgrade your current hairstyle without changing it too much, consider adding luscious layers of side-swept bangs.

Hairtyles for oval face that you should avoid—short layers. This type of hairstyle will make your face appear longer. If you have curly hair, getting a short haircut is also not a good idea because it give the emphasis on all the wrong angles of your face.

If you need help in styling your hair, there are hair products that can help you with that. You can try either these Kerastase hair products so you can style your hair much easier, or you can seek the help of these heat styling products such as the Solia flat iron. If you’d like to read more about these products, you can check out the links to learn more about them.

How to Fix Frizzy Hair with Kerastase Hair Products

Watch the video below to learn ways on how to fix frizzy hair. If you want a more effective way to do this, use Kerastase hair products to get better results. If you want to know how you can style short hair, here are ways on how to do it as well.

How to French Braid Hair Easily in 3 Steps

Are you trying to find a way to style your hair without spending money? There are a lot of things you can do to make your hair look fabulous and you don’t even have to spend a single cent for it. And one of the nicest ways to do it is French braid! Nothing else says fun and elegant at the same time, and it’s easy to do too. Here’s how to French braid your hair easily.

1.Take a bunch of your hair at the top section of your head. Divide these into three sections, and do a basic braid until you reach the middle part of your hair.

2.Take a small section from the remaining hair and add it to each of the three divisions you already have. Now that you have a thicker section to work with, continue down with the basic braid until you reach the base of your hair.

3.Repeat step number two and use the rest of your hair until there isn’t any more left to braid.

After the three steps, you now have a beautiful French braid! If you want for it to have a better hold, you can use Kerastase Double Force Hairspray.

how to french braid hair easily

how to french braid hair easily