The new year marks a new look for a lot of people. There are many women today who are already starting to reinvent themselves for the new year, and one of the things they are changing is their hairstyle. See what the best 2011 hairstyles for women are and be one of the first few to catch up to the trend.

Long and Curly









2010 hairstyles involved a lot of short hairstyles. There were many celebrities who traded their long manes of locks for pixie cuts and short bobs. This year however, long and curly hairstyles make a comeback.

Full Bangs










Side-swept bangs have always been preferred by a lot of celebrities for the past years, but slowly more and more are noticing that full bangs are not only for 4-year olds anymore. Katy Pery, Zooey Deschanel, and Emily Blunt all have proven that you could have bangs like that of a little girl, but still look sexy.

Brighter Hair Color











A lot more celebrities today are beginning to be adventurous with their hair color as well. Musicians are sporting fiery red locks, white blond hair, and honey-colored highlights. 2011 hairstyles for women are not just about the length and style, but also about the color.

If you are planning to change your hairstyle this year, you can follow these tips so you’ll always have the best 2011 hairstyles for women.