Bangs are always in. Whether it’s sideswept, uneven fringers, or solid and straight bangs, it changes the way you look drastically. Sometimes, you could just cut your own bangs if you want to reinvent your hairstyle without totally having a haircut. This way, you could look fresh with a new look, without having to sacrifice your locks.

However, sometimes in a fit of frustration or because of merely carelessness, one zip and zap could make your hair look like a total disaster. Suddenly you realize that you have uneven bangs when you meant to cut it long and straight, or cut it too short, which looks terrible with your long flowing hair.

To avoid the horrible outcome, here is a simple tutorial on how to cut bangs. You could do this yourself, or if you’re too scared, have someone do it for you. This is also a great way to maintain your hair when your bangs get too long to count as bangs, but are still too short to go to a salon to have it styled. Enjoy the tutorial, and have a great hair day! There’s also a part 2 of the video if you want to watch more.